Friday, 15 April 2011

Search for Study of Prospectors, Analyzers, and Defenders and many more

<h1>Alignment between business strategy and IS strategy is widely believed to improve business performance. This paper examines the impact of alignment on perceived business performance using Miles and Snows popular classification of Defender, Analyzer, and Prospector business strategies. A priori theoretical profilesfor these business strategies are developed using Venkatraman's (1989a) measure of business strategy. Theoretical profiles for IS strategies are developed in terms of four types of systems—operational support systems Empirical data from two multirespondent surveys of 164 and 62 companies, respectively, are analyzed. Alignment seems to influence overall business success in Prospectors and Analyzers but not in Defenders. Implications for future research and practice are discussed.
Key Words: Alignment; Information Systems Strategy; Strategy Profiles; Defenders, Analyzers, Prospectors; Profile Deviation Approach; Strategic Information Systems Management
History: This paper was received on May 15, 1998<h1/>

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